IND vs ENG: Jonny Bairstow became ‘Fire’ from ‘Flower’ as soon as Virat Kohli provoked, hit a flurry of fours and sixes

London: The fifth Test between India and England has reached a very interesting point. Team India scored 125 runs for the loss of 3 wickets in their second innings after bowling out the English team for 284 runs in the first innings. If the Indian team has to win this match, then it will have to play fast today and prepare a big target in front of the opposition team. After this the opposition team will also have to go all out in the second innings. The team now has a lead of 257 runs.

Earlier, on the third day of the Birmingham Test, a heated argument was seen between former Indian captain Virat Kohli and England’s explosive middle-order batsman Jonny Bairstow. The talk between the two players had increased so much that the on-field umpires had to come in between to intervene.

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In fact, when the game of the third day started, the unbeaten batsmen of the second day for England, Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes came to the ground to advance the innings. Meanwhile, there was some conversation between Virat Kohli and Jonny Bairstow during Shami’s bowling.

The matter was such that Bairstow got beat on a ball of Shami. After this, Kohli, posted in the slips, slapped Bairstow. Where was Bairstow also going to remain silent on this? He also retaliated by retorting. After this, Kohli’s anger reached the seventh heaven and he started moving towards Bairstow while talking. Meanwhile, there was a heated argument between the two players for some time. Some things during this time were also imprisoned in the mic. In the voice captured in the mic, Kohli is heard saying that don’t tell me what to do, shut your mouth and bat.

The on-field umpires intervened and resolved the matter before the dispute between the two players escalated. After the end of the third day, however, both the players were seen joking with each other. Meanwhile, some pictures and videos are also becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Jonny Bairstow storms after controversy in Birmingham

Before the controversy with Virat Kohli, Jonny Bairstow was batting with a calm mind. However, as soon as Kohli’s provocation, he assumed a fierce form. Bairstow had scored 13 runs in 61 balls before the dispute with Kohli, but after that he scored 93 runs in 79 balls. Bairstow scored an important century of 106 runs for his team yesterday. During this, 14 fours and 2 excellent sixes came from his bat.

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