IND vs ENG: Mohammed Shami created real fear among English batsmen, then Bumrah enjoyed it!

New Delhi. Even though Jasprit Bumrah showed the way to the pavilion to three batsmen of the host country on the second day of the Edgbaston Test against England. But, Mohammed Shami created the real fear of getting out among the English batsmen. That too without throwing a bouncer. The English batsmen looked scared in front of Shami’s exact line length. There was always a fear of getting out in his mind. Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj took advantage of this fear born from one end and together took 4 wickets.

England played a total of 27 overs on the second day of the Edgbaston Test. Out of this, only 13 overs were bowled by Mohammed Shami. Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammad Siraj bowled the remaining 14 overs together. Shami started with the new ball with Bumrah and started troubling the English batsmen from the very first over. However, due to rain in between, the game had to be stopped thrice. But, every time Shami returned to the field as a more dangerous bowler than before and kept constant pressure on the English batsmen from one end. Bumrah and Siraj took advantage of this. On the second day, rain may have put a brake on the pace of the game. But, Shami’s bowling did not stop. He bowled 13 consecutive overs.

Shami’s ball showed both swing and seam movement.
Shami bowled most of the deliveries full length on the second day of the Edgbaston Test. Both swing and seam movement were seen in his balls. For this reason, the batsmen of England had a lot of trouble in playing their ball.
Shami either beat the batsman at least 14 times in his first 10 overs or the same number of times in those 10 overs the ball came out with the edge of the bat. But, the batsmen were lucky. It started with Jack Crowley. When Shami came out to bowl after the first rain break, his very first ball was so amazing that not only Crowley, but also Rishabh Pant standing behind the wicket got beat and England got a boundary on this ball.

This ball of Shami was short off length, which fell on the line of off-stump and came straight inside. Crowley tried to defend this ball. But, he got beat up and Pant also ate it.

Shami had to bear the brunt of the perfect bowling!
Shami has so far taken more than 200 wickets in Test cricket and his strike rate is the best among Indian bowlers after Jasprit Bumrah (48.6). However, as much as he is recognized by the wickets taken in Test cricket so far. Much more recognition than that, about those wickets, which he has missed by just a few millimeters. That is, as a bowler, he is so accurate that many times he has to bear the brunt of being perfect.

Shami troubled Root a lot
The example of how Shami kept the pressure on the English batsmen was seen against Root. Shami bowled two consecutive maidens to Root. In both these overs, Shami beat the former England captain and Root, one of the best batsmen of Test cricket, several times. Once there was an appeal of LBW against Root. But he survived. The effect of this pressure was that Root could not bat further with the confidence for which he is known. Team India soon got the benefit of this pressure on the route and Mohammad Siraj made England’s run machine run. His catch was caught by Rishabh Pant behind the wicket.

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Shami instilled fear in the English batsmen
Shami took just one wicket on the second day. He did not even allow Jack Leach, who came as Nightwatchman, to open the account while Leach got two life sentences. An over before this, Jonny Bairstow was narrowly saved due to being clean bowled on Shami’s ball. On the second day, Shami injured an English batsman with a bouncer. But, the length with which he bowled certainly left the English batsmen in awe. Now Shami will be expected to perform similarly in the third day’s play as well.

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