IND vs NZ: Ishaan Kishan’s childish act could have cost him, not from the third ODI, he would have been out from the Australia series too!


3rd ODI will be played between India and New Zealand in Indore
Ishaan Kishan did a childish act in the first ODI
Wicketkeeper Batter could have been suspended for 4 ODIs

New Delhi. Indian wicketkeeper Ishaan Kishan escaped a major punishment. He made such a mistake in the first ODI against New Zealand in Hyderabad that he could have been out of at least 4 ODIs. However, ICC match referee Javagat Srinath let Ishaan off with just a warning. Now the question in everyone’s mind will be that what wrong did Ishaan do in the first ODI that he could have been punished for being out of 4 ODIs, not one or two. In such a situation, Ishaan could not play not only in the third ODI against New Zealand in Indore, but also in the series against Australia next month. Actually, Ishaan tried to cheat the umpire.

According to a report in New Zealand’s news website Stuff, Indian wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan deliberately tried to mislead the umpire in the first ODI against New Zealand. This incident is related to the wicket of New Zealand captain Tom Latham. Kishan tried to make the square leg umpire believe that Kiwi captain Tom Latham himself hit the stumps during the Hyderabad ODI. Kishan had also appealed for Latham’s dismissal. However, TV replays showed that the wicket-keeper had deliberately tried to knock down the bails without the ball in hand long after Latham had played the shot.

Even Indian captain Rohit Sharma was surprised by Ishaan’s appeal. He had also asked Ishaan before the out appeal, what happened after all?

What does the ICC Code of Conduct say?
Under the ICC’s Code of Conduct, Ishaan could have been charged with a Level-3 offense of attempting to take unfair advantage. Under this, if he was found guilty, he could have been suspended for 4 to 12 ODIs or T20s. However, according to the report, match referee Srinath did not take any action on Ishaan. Because both field umpires Anil Chaudhary and Nitin Menon did not lodge any formal complaint about the incident. After the match, Srinath must have talked to Ishaan Kishan, Indian captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid about this.

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India defeated New Zealand by 12 runs in the Hyderabad ODI and then won the Raipur ODI to take an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series.

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