IND vs NZ kl rahul says everybody is clear about their roles and feeling secure in the team rohit sharma


Jaipur. Apart from the T20 series, KL Rahul is also keen on the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. The three-match T20 series between India and New Zealand is starting from November 17. It is known that after the T20 World Cup, the tenure of head coach Ravi Shastri is over, while Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) decided to leave the captaincy of the T20 team. The next T20 World Cup is just 12 months away. In such a situation, the further preparation of the team is very important.

Regarding the new T20 captain Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul said, ‘We have seen him in the IPL and his figures say everything. He has a great understanding of the game and is a skilled strategist. This is the reason why he could achieve so much as a captain. He said, ‘He will bring a stay in the dressing room. It will be interesting to know what his goals are for the team in the next few weeks. Decisions in team sports are taken collectively and the job of the leadership group is to ensure that everyone is aware of their role and feels safe in the team.

All the young players have been with

While talking to the media, KL Rahul also spoke on the new coach Rahul Dravid. He said, ‘I am very fortunate to have known Rahul Dravid for a long time. Right from the beginning of my career, I have understood the game better by following his advice and tried to hone myself in the art of batting. He has helped all of us a lot in Karnataka. He said, ‘As a coach, he has been with all the young players. His coming as head coach is an opportunity to learn a lot from him. We all know what a big name he is and what he has done for the country.

Dravid has been in favor of team culture

T20 team vice-captain KL Rahul said, ‘I have played a few matches for India A and had a brief conversation with them before coming here for practice. He has been an advocate of good team culture and focuses on creating such an environment that we can be better as cricketers and as human beings. He said that during his career he always thought about the team first and that is the culture he will bring with him in which everyone will prioritize the interests of the team over personal goals.

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Hardik Pandya knows what he has to do

The Indian team got out of the T20 World Cup early and Rahul said that now there is a need to make a fresh strategy. He said, ‘We all have to sit together and decide what can be done for better performance. It will be discussed in the next few days. All-rounder Hardik Pandya has not found a place in the team and Rahul said that he knows what he has to do to make a comeback. He said, ‘Hardik and I are good friends and we have talked about it. He is very smart and knows he has to work hard and come back.

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