Ind vs NZ T-20 Match: Long lines for tickets at Lucknow Stadium, cricket lovers upset, listen to the pain of fans

Lucknow. Cricket fans were excited to book their seats on Saturday to watch their favorite players. The situation is that this Saturday morning the ticket counter was crowded from 6 o’clock itself whereas the time to open the counter was 11 o’clock. By one o’clock in the afternoon there was such a huge crowd that the police had to come to manage it. Tickets for the India vs New Zealand T20 match went on sale causing chaos and inconvenience to spectators as they had to queue for hours for hard copies of online tickets.

Offline tickets were readily available at gate number two at Ekana Cricket Stadium, the line was also short. Those who had booked tickets online were in great trouble. He was asked to collect the hard copy from gate number two. Their line was seen to be the longest. Adhyashansh Dixit, who came from Gonda, told that he had booked tickets online so that there would be no problem, but he has been standing in line since morning to get the hard copy. Got the hard copy after standing in line for hours. There was no use of booking tickets online. Rohit, who came from Vrindavan scheme, said that he had booked the ticket online. Standing here for hours but the enthusiasm is not less. India will definitely win tomorrow.

Online tickets for this match ranged from Rs 1300 to Rs 1500 while offline tickets were available for Rs 1200. In such a situation, those who booked online tickets also felt cheated. Vimkesh Mishra told that he has specially come from Patna to watch the match because after the defeat in the first match, he wants to see India win now. He said that the passion for India is intact but the system of online tickets should have been better.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : January 28, 2023, 16:31 IST

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