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Ind vs pak t20 world cup indian formula of victory against pakistan since 1992 world cup

New Delhi. India beats Pakistan every time in the Cricket World Cup. This is such a thing which is now known to the children of both India and Pakistan. In the 1990s, when Imran Khan’s Pakistan team looked stronger than India, even then it did not get the victory. From the year 2000 onwards, the Indian team kept getting better than Pakistan and the victory also went along with India. The first time between the two teams was in the World Cup in 1992. Since then there have been 12 encounters. India has been winning every time. The reason for this is also very clear. India has found the formula that takes it to victory every time. Formula – beating Pakistan’s best bowler fiercely and if this is not possible, then do not give him a wicket at all. Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar, Saqlain Mushtaq, Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul have been leading the Pakistani attack at different times, but history is witness that none of them got that success against India in the World Cup. Found, which must have been his dream. This story has information about every World Cup and there is only one thing at its center – the failure of the Pakistani legendary bowler.

World Cup 1992 (ODI) : India beat Pakistan by 43 runs. Pak captain Imran Khan and Wasim Akram could not take a single wicket in the match. Wasim Akram was also second in this match in terms of scoring the most runs (45) for Pakistan. Only Mohammad Mushtaq spent more runs than him, but he also took 3 wickets.

World Cup 1996 (ODI): Waqar Younis and Aaqib Javed were the most expensive bowlers. Both conceded 67-67 runs in the spell of 10-10 overs. In this match, Ajay Jadeja broke the spirit of Pakistan by hitting 22 runs in 1 over of Waqar. India had scored 57 runs in the last 4 overs in this match.

World Cup 1999 (ODI): Shoaib Akhtar and Saqlain Mushtaq used to be the best bowlers of Pakistan in those days. The scorecard is just the opposite. Saqlain could not take a wicket even after conceding 67 runs. Akhtar was the second most expensive bowler after Saqlain by conceding 54 runs.

World Cup 2003 (ODI): Pakistan team came with the pace attack of Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Waqar Younis. Akram was on the slopes in those days. Perhaps that is why Waqar and Akhtar came under the target of Indian batsmen. Akhtar scored 72 and Waqar Younis conceded 71 runs. Sachin’s six on point off Akhtar’s ball is still remembered by every cricket lover.

World Cup 2011 (ODI): India and Pakistan could not compete in the 2007 World Cup. But in 2011 this match returned with Sood. Semi-final was played between both the teams. In those days Umar Gul used to be the best bowler of Pakistan and he did not get any wicket in this match. He conceded 69 runs in 8 overs.

World Cup 2015 (ODI): India hit a winning six over Pakistan in the ODI World Cup this year. Like every time, India attacked its best bowler this time too. Before the World Cup, big claims were made about 7 feet tall Mohammad Irfan. It was said that this bowler would make the batsmen chew their noses on the fast pitches of Australia. The opposite happened. India scored 300 runs in this match and in front of the name of Mohammad Irfan, 0 was recorded in the account of the wicket.

World Cup 2019 (ODI): This time when India scored a huge 336 for 5 wickets in front of Pakistan. Needless to say that not only the best bowler of Pakistan, almost every bowler got beaten up. From Hasan Ali, whom Pakistan is very proud of, India collected 84 runs in 9 overs. Wahab Riaz conceded 71 runs. Mohammad Amir, who returned to the field after serving match-fixing, definitely took 3 wickets. But everyone knows that by then Amir was no longer the number-1 bowler of Pakistan.

World Cup 2007 (T20): The story of the ODI World Cup itself is seen in the T20 World Cup. In this format too, the best bowlers of Pakistan remain on the target of Indian batsmen. In the 2007 T20 World Cup against Pakistan, the Indian batsman gave 4 wickets to Mohammad Asif in an attempt to make a fast start. However, it was a matter of relief that the bowlers tied the match and then India won the ball out. In the final of this World Cup, India corrected its mistake and Asif could take only one wicket in the title match. Sohail Tanveer did not get a single wicket. Result India made a strong score of 157 runs and won the trophy by registering

World Cup 2009 (T20): This time was the name of Umar Gul among Pakistani bowlers. He was considered the best bowler of white ball. Fast yorker was his biggest quality. But in the 2009 T20 World Cup, Indian batsmen scored 39 runs in 3 overs of Umar Gul. Due to this, the lights of the rest of the batsmen also went off and India won the match by 9 wickets.

World Cup 2012 (T20): This time before the Indian batsmen, the bowlers had done all the work of Pakistan. Indian bowlers bundled Pakistan for 128 runs. The target was easy and the Indian batsmen played according to their history. He did not give a single wicket to Pakistan’s then best fast bowler Umar Gul and best spinner Saeed Ajmal. Rest of the Pakistani bowlers could take only 2 wickets and India won by 8 wickets.

World Cup 2014 (T20): This match was like a replay of the last T20 World Cup. India restricted Pakistan to 130/7 in the 2014 T20 World Cup. The bowlers did their job. Now it was the turn of the batsmen and history was with them. Indian batsmen achieved by losing just 3 wickets. Talking about Pakistan’s best bowler, this time both the Pakistanis, Junaid Khan and Mohammad Hafeez, who started the bowling, did not get wickets. Umar Gul and Saeed Ajmal hardly got a wicket each.

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