IND vs SA, 1st T20: Rules changed for Delhi T20 match, players will get big relief

New Delhi. The first match of the five T20 series between India and South Africa will be played in Delhi this evening. But, for the past few days, the heart of the country i.e. Delhi is boiling. The temperature is continuously running above 40 degrees. In many areas, the temperature has been recorded at 45 degrees. During the day, people are struggling with the heat of the air and even in the evening it does not seem to provide much relief. It has also affected the preparations of India and South Africa. In the last two days, both the teams have practiced in the evening instead of the day. In view of the situation arising out of the heat, the BCCI has taken an important decision. There will be a drinks break every 10 overs during the Delhi T20. So that there is no shortage of water in the body of the players.

An official of the Delhi and District Cricket Association told InsideSport, “Both the teams requested a drinks break. There is a possibility of getting permission from the BCCI side as well. It has not yet been made clear by the BCCI whether the change in the drink break rule will be for only the first T20 or for the five matches of the series.

Usually there are no drinks breaks in International T20s. But, the International Cricket Council started it during the World Cup held in UAE last year. Even then this decision was taken due to the heat. In IPL, players definitely get relief through time out.

We are not used to so much heat: Bavuma
Earlier, South Africa captain Temba Bavuma had also expressed concern about Delhi’s heat in the press conference. He had said, “We expected the weather in Delhi to be hot. But it would be so hot, I had no idea. Fortunately, the matches are being played late in the evening. After the sunset, the heat can be tolerated. Players will try to keep themselves hydrated. The biggest challenge for us is to face the heat. We are not used to it.”

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Have to focus on sports rather than heat: Pant
At the same time, Indian captain Rishabh Pant said about the heat of Delhi, “I think after a long time we are going to play cricket in this type of condition. I think the heat will have an effect. There may be a lack of water in our body. We get tired soon. But I think it is part of the game. We should focus on our game instead of thinking about the scorching heat and heat.

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