IND vs SA Mohammad Shami career turned by Ravi Shastri And Former Bowling Coach Bharat Aruns one Advice


New Delhi. Mohammed Shami took 5 wickets for 44 runs in 16 overs on the third day of the Centurion Test. Thanks to his sharp bowling, India took a 130-run lead in the first innings as they bundled out hosts South Africa for 197 runs. During this, Shami became India’s 11th and 5th fast bowler overall to take 200 wickets in Test cricket. Before him, Kapil Dev, Ishant Sharma, Zaheer Khan and Javagal Srinath have achieved this feat as fast bowlers. Shami completed his 200 wickets in Test cricket as soon as Kagiso Rabada was dismissed. He completed this milestone in his 55th Test and 9896 balls.

Mohammed Shami In the last few years, he has emerged as India’s No. 1 strike bowler in Tests. However, it was not easy for them. There were many ups and downs in his journey from Sahaspur to the Indian dressing room. Sometimes injury, sometimes bad form and sometimes personal life derailed his career. But it was his passion that after overcoming every problem, he returned to the field again and was more successful than before. There has also been a phase in Shami’s career, when due to the turmoil in his personal life, he had made up his mind to leave cricket. Then Ravi Shastri And former bowling coach Bharat Arun came as the troubleshooter of this bowler and completely changed the mind of Shami thinking of saying goodbye to cricket.

Shami had made up his mind to quit cricket
In an earlier interview to The Indian Express, Bharat Arun had revealed how Shami had decided to quit cricket. Then Arun had said, “Shami was completely disillusioned. He was on the verge of quitting the game. When Ravi and I sat with Shami, he said that he is very angry with life and wants to quit cricket. We both told him, it is good that you are angry. It should be so. Being angry is the best thing that has happened to you. Then Shami was surprised to hear us. Maybe you were wondering what these people are talking about?

We told Shami, “You are a fast bowler, anger is not bad for you. But take away the bitterness. Life has made you very angry, but what are you going to do now, it is in your hands? You can leave cricket if you want, it will be your decision. But there is also an option that you tell yourself that yes, I am angry and think about how this anger can be given the right direction.

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30 days spent by NCA completely changed Shami
According to Arun, “Then we told Shami that you pay attention to the body. Go to the National Cricket Academy for a month and get the body in shape. Get angry there. Just do as you are told. Shami agreed to our point and worked hard like a bull. I remember a month later Shami told me that my strength has increased so much that I can now fight with the world.

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Shami is of strong stature and that period of anger helped him become a better bowler. Whatever anger was filled in him, he turned him towards becoming a better bowler. His anger went in the right direction and there was a big change in his thinking as a bowler and the focus increased as compared to before and from here his becoming a successful fast bowler started again.

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