IND W vs AUS W Hockey CWG 2022 Penalty miss hua Australia se and the Umpire says Sorry Clock start nahi hua tweeted Virender Sehwag

Former Team India cricketer Virender Sehwag has vented his anger on Twitter after the semi-final match of the Commonwealth Games 2022 women’s hockey between India and Australia. Indian captain Savita cleverly stopped Australia’s penalty shootout, but the umpire declared it invalid saying that the clock had not even started. Such carelessness in a big event like Commonwealth Games that too in such an important match, it is not digested by anyone. People on Twitter are saying that India has not lost to Australia but it has been dishonest.

Indian women’s hockey team lost to Australia in the semi-finals

Sharing the video of this controversial penalty shoot on Twitter, Sehwag wrote, ‘Penalty missed from Australia, and umpire said sorry clock didn’t start. This kind of discrimination used to happen in cricket as well, till we became superpowers. In hockey also we will form soon and then all the clocks will start on time, I am proud of my girls.

Who is responsible for the injustice done to India? ruckus during hockey match

India kept the score at 1-1 till the stipulated time in the match, after which the result of the match reached a shootout. After this controversial penalty shoot, the morale of the Indian team was seen to be low and its effect was also visible on their game. India lost 0-3 in the penalty shootout. India is still not out of the medal race. The Indian team will now play for the bronze medal, while Australia has at least ensured their silver medal by reaching the final.

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