India batsman Faiz Fazal was not given a second chance in the team despite a brilliant inning on debut


Faiz Fazal made his debut in 2016.
This player had played a brilliant innings in his debut.

New Delhi. To make a place in the international cricket team, players have to make a lot of papad. The story of the cricketers of Team India is also similar. But there were some players in the Indian team who paid the punishment of being man of the match by sacrificing their careers. One of them was also the name of Indian batsman Faiz Fazal. There was no lack of talent in this player. But luck was against him.

Like everyone else, this player also made his place in the international team with difficulty. He scored a mountain of runs in the domestic circuit, after which he got to wear the blue jersey. Even in his debut match, he left no stone unturned to contribute for the team. Despite this, this player has now become an unsung king.

Played unbeaten innings in debut match

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Faiz Fazal made his debut for Team India in 2016. In which he presented his claim by playing an unbeaten 55-run innings. He proved that he can prove to be a strong contender for India in ODIs. But his performance was ignored. This kind of attitude can be out of tolerance for a player. But now he is very fit at the age of 37 and still aspires to play for the Indian team.

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