India-Pakistan rivalry has become an industry and keeps many other verticals warm says Gautam Gambhir – Latest Cricket News – Gautam Gambhir on India vs Pakistan rivalry


Former opener Gautam Gambhir believes that the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan has become a business in itself and everyone wants to make money from it. Giving the example of the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand, Gambhir said that the two neighboring countries do not have fierce rivalry like India and Pakistan. Gambhir’s statement came ahead of the final match between Australia and New Zealand in the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 at the Dubai International Stadium this evening. The former batsman asked that when there is a match between India and Pakistan, why do people get so much rivalry?

Gambhir wrote in his column for the Times of India, ‘Australia and New Zealand are also neighboring countries like India and Pakistan. Like Indians and Pakistanis, Australians and Kiwis also hate each other after losing. But why is there so much ruckus in the match between India and Pakistan. The trend is more ‘India vs Pakistan cricket rivalry’ than the match between Australia and New Zealand.

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He further wrote, ‘The match between India and Pakistan is considered as enmity between the two countries. After 1947, these two countries have fought many times. This enmity has now entered the game as well and now it has made its place in cricket as well. I sometimes feel that the India-Pakistan rivalry has become a business in itself. Due to which other sectors also get benefit. Everyone wants to make money by taking advantage of this enmity.

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, India lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets in their first match. Pakistan’s team had never been able to beat India in the World Cup before. Gambhir pointed to the population as one of the reasons that further aggravated the cricket rivalry between India and Pakistan. The combined population of both Australia and New Zealand countries is about 30 million, while the population of Pakistan is about 220 million. He said, it is not only Virat Kohli, but many Indians, who take this game to heart, let them accept that we have lost the match. When we lose, the marketing people suck the blood of the general public to spread their propaganda.

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