India vs Australia 4th Test Virat Kohli fifty comes under controversy after umpire nitin menon check short run on day 3

New Delhi. On the third day of the Ahmedabad Test, Virat Kohli scored a half-century against Australia (India vs Australia). Fifty has come out after 14 months from the bat of the former captain, who has been struggling with bad form for a long time. However, this half-century also got embroiled in controversies because of umpire Nitin Menon. There was a lot of drama on the field. On completion of 50 runs, Virat had to wait a long time to pick up the bat. In the end the former captain won. Virat also broke Brian Lara’s record.

Umpire became Virat’s enemy, fans put class

Actually, Virat Kohli was on 48 runs in the 93rd over. He completed his half-century by running two runs. The Indian cricketers sitting in the dressing room had also started clapping for Virat. Meanwhile, umpire Nitin Menon suspected Virat of taking a short run. The help of the third umpire was taken. On seeing on the big screen, it was found that some part of Virat’s bat had come inside the line. After which it was declared as a half-century.

On this quickness of umpire Nitin Menon, the fans of Virat Kohli put his class. Some fans termed him as Virat’s enemy number-1. There was also a fan who wrote on social media that Mr. Menon has already started planning to dismiss Virat Kohli.

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