India vs South Africa 3rd Test Cheteshwar Pujara Out on 2nd ball after keegan petersen takes stunning catch watch video – IND vs SA

New Delhi. Team India expected a big innings from Cheteshwar Pujara on the third day of Cape Town Test (India vs South Africa). But he could not add a single run to his 9-run score yesterday and his game was over on the second ball of the day. Even though his wicket came in the account of Marco Yansen. But Keegan Peterson’s role was important in this. Pietersen, standing at leg slip, flew into the air to his right and took a surprising catch from Pujara. For once, even Pujara could not believe that he was out. But seeing the celebration of the fielders of South Africa, he had to return from the field. As soon as he was dismissed, India’s hopes of making a big score were also tarnished.

Cheteshwar Pujara Started the third day’s play with Virat Kohli. The hope was that the way the pair had put out a 33-run partnership on the second day after the first two blows, Team India got out of trouble. On the third day also this pair will show the same game. But Marco Yansen gave a big blow to Team India’s hopes by dismissing Pujara on his second ball.

The ball on which Marco got Pujara’s wicket. It was pitched on the leg-stump and there was extra bounce in the ball due to the length of Marko. The ball hit the gloves instead of Pujara’s bat and went fast towards the leg slip. There Keegan Peterson was fielding. He jumped to his right without losing a moment and took the catch.

The commentator said – Peterson, what did you eat for breakfast?
The South African team erupted with joy as soon as Pujara’s wicket fell. The commentators were also stunned to see this catch of Pietersen. He also could not believe that Peterson jumped into the air and caught the ball that came so fast. Former Zimbabwe bowler Pomi Bangwa, who was commentating in the match, was heard saying, “Keegan Pietersen what did you eat for breakfast today.”

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Pujara’s only one half-century in 6 innings
Pujara is going through the worst phase of his career. They are yearning for every single run. This was his sixth innings in the current Test series. He has scored only one fifty in this series. He has scored a total of 124 runs in 6 innings of 3 Tests against South Africa. His average is also close to 20. In such a situation, the voice of getting him out of the team will start rising again.

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