indian batsman krishna pandey hit 6 sixes in an over after yuvraj singh t10 league | Video: After Yuvraj, now this Indian batsman hit 6 sixes in one over, hit 83 runs in 19 balls only

Six Sixes in an over: Yuvraj Singh, the legendary batsman of the Indian team, has done many such exploits for which the whole world still remembers him. Especially in the 2007 Cricket World Cup, the 6 sixes that Yuvraj hit in a single over are still fresh in everyone’s memories. After Yuvraj, no Indian cricketer has done this feat. But now a cricketer from India has once again done the feat of hitting 6 sixes in an over.

This cricketer hit 6 consecutive sixes

Like Yuvraj Singh, now another Indian batsman has done something that Indian fans yearned to see. This feat has been seen in a domestic cricket league named Pondicherry T10 where a batsman named Krishna Pandey has again grabbed all the news by hitting 6 sixes in an over. Not only this, Krishna played a fatal innings of 83 runs in his innings of just 19 balls.

Batting at a strike rate of 436

In his innings of 83 runs, Krishna hit 12 sixes and 2 fours. Let us tell you that this match was being played between Patriots and Royals in T10 League. Krishna was batting for the Patriots in this match. Nitesh Thakur brought the sixth over of the innings and Krishna broke on him. Krishna hit 6 sixes in this over. But the surprising thing is that even after this feat, Krishna’s team lost the match.

Yuvraj had done wonders years ago

Former India batsman Yuvraj Singh had already done the feat of hitting 6 sixes in an over. Yuvraj sent the ball across the boundary 6 times in the same over of Stuart Broad. Apart from Yuvraj, only Harshal Gibbs and Kieron Pollard have been able to hit 6 sixes in international cricket. Apart from this, Yuvraj also helped the Indian team the most in getting 2 World Cup victories.

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