Indian fans clapped for Pakistan victory in India in 1999 test Sachin Tendulkar had tears in his eyes after India lose the match

New Delhi. Competition between India and Pakistan (India vs Pakistan), means the third dose of adventure. Be it cricket or any other sport. These days there is a heated debate between the two arch-rivals. The issue is the hosting of the Asia Cup 2023. On one hand, India flatly refused to go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. On the other hand, Pakistan is threatening not to participate in the ODI World Cup.

Meanwhile, let us tell you the story of a match when there was applause for Pakistan’s victory in India. Year 1999, when the ground of Chennai echoed with applause on the victory of Pakistan. The Pakistan tour took place to make good relations between the two countries. But many unsuccessful attempts were made to stop this match. Sometimes the Delhi pitch was vandalized and sometimes there was a sit-in in the BCCI office. But in the end the Test match started in Chennai. Pakistan captain Wasim Akram had asked his team to focus on Sachin. He made it clear that if we take Sachin’s wicket, we will win the match.

what happened in the match

In the first innings, Pakistan’s team was reduced to 238 runs. There was such a spinner in the Pakistan team whose mental health was being questioned. The reason was the loss of father before the match and brother and niece in the accident. It was Saqlain Mushtaq, he wreaked havoc from the very first innings and took five wickets. The Indian team was all out on 254. In the second innings, Pakistan scored 286 runs and India needed 271 runs to win. There was a fall of wickets in India and all eyes were on the master blaster.

Sanju Samson held the pistol in his hand! Everything was cleared from the post, the fans told whom to target?

Saqlain Mushtaq did not give up

Saqlain’s havoc was visible again, India had lost five wickets within 100. But tired Sachin was fighting for the country in the scorching heat. Sachin was batting in pain but needed 17 runs to win. The victory was visible in the hands of India but after the delivery of Saqlain, there was peace on the ground. Sachin was out on 136, India had 3 wickets in hand and needed 17 runs to win. Three batsmen could not score 17 runs together, after which the master blaster had tears in his eyes. Not only this, he did not go to receive the Player of the Match award for the first time in 24 years. After this victory of Pakistan, 50,000 spectators present at Chennai also applauded for the team. Along with this, there were tears in the eyes of many spectators for Sachin.

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