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Indian Hockey Player Gurjant Singh said, Olympic Bronze Medal campaign has taught us glory comes at a price | Hockey player who scored 3 goals in Tokyo Olympics said big thing about winning bronze medal

New Delhi: Indian Men’s Hockey Team’s forward player Gurjant Singh scored 3 goals in the Tokyo Olympic Games. He pointed out that the historic Bonj Medal-winning campaign had taught the team that winning has a price, Gurjant said, adding that competing and fighting for a medal is a different sport altogether. Every team wants to win, and they also come fully prepared, they worked hard like us, so winning a medal in the Olympics is not easy, and I think that was our biggest lesson too.

‘Win is earned by paying the price’

Gurjant Singh said, “The entire journey from preparation to competition and winning a medal in the Olympics taught us that victory comes at a price, and the price was hard work. We worked day and night, we also worked on our physical fitness and mental fitness, we made many sacrifices, and I think we got the result.

‘The level of confidence and enthusiasm was high’

Asked if he was nervous while playing his first Olympic Games, 26-year-old forward Gurjant Singh said, “I think the level of confidence and enthusiasm was more than nervousness. That spirit of representing your country, which has a stellar Olympic history in hockey, gives you that extra confidence on the field.

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‘There was some pressure in the quarterfinals’

Gurjant Singh said, Yes, there was a bit of pressure in the quarterfinal match, but we managed it exceptionally well. We won an Olympic medal after 41 years. I am lucky that I was a part of it and could contribute to the team’s historic win. Amritsar-born Gurjant said the aim of the team would be to maintain consistency and carry forward the historic campaign. Gurjant was part of the India Colts team that won the 2016 Junior Men’s World Cup.

Gurjant is ready for the next campaign

On FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup Bhubaneswar 2021, Gurjant said, I am really glad that the next edition of Junior World Cup is being held in Bhubaneswar, which is the home of Indian Hockey. The Odisha government has been really helpful. For Indian hockey, and the fans are really passionate about the game, this will be a good exposure for junior players.

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