Indian Navy hands over INS Kirpan to Vietnam navy as India keep eye on China

India has gifted INS Kirpan warship to its friendly country Vietnam, giving an indirect answer to the intrusive activities from China. This is the in-service missile corvette that India handed over to the Navy of Vietnam on Saturday. The Indian Navy handed it over to the Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) at Cam Off Ran Bay in Vietnam. Let us tell you about the power of this missile tainted warship.

INS Kirpan Vietnam By visiting China, India has given a befitting reply to China’s intrusion. The friendship between the two countries has further deepened after the handing over of INS Kirpan. ANI’s According, This is the first time that India has gifted a fully operational warship to any of its neighboring friends. indian navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar retired it from India and handed it over to the Navy of Vietnam.

INS Kirpan has been a part of the Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet since 1991. In the last 32 years, it was used in many missions. After handing over this warship to Vietnam, India south china sea I will increase in strength. During the event, Admiral Kumar said that Vietnam plays an important role in the Indo-Pacific vision for India. Therefore, the handing over of Kirpan to Vietnam becomes a sign of deep friendship between the two countries. Explain that Vietnam is counted as an important country in ASEAN countries, whose China There is a dispute with the South China Sea over the area.

Meanwhile, India is helping Vietnam with oil exploration projects in the South China Sea. Together, both the countries are enhancing their maritime security. INS Kripan, which was in service from 1991 to 2023, has now become a part of Vietnam’s Navy. The ship is 90 meters long and 10.45 meters wide. It is manned by 12 officers and 100 sailors.

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