Indian veteran had abused the Australian player, said on camera, if someone abuses me, I will say thank you


The Indian veteran had an argument with Ricky Ponting
Ponting was entangled with Team India’s star on the field

New Delhi. There have been many legends in the Indian cricket team who could not control their anger. One such spinner is Harbhajan Singh, on whose field many stories are famous. During the match against Australia, the matter had increased so much that even Sachin Tendulkar himself had to go for testimony. Well that story is something else, here we are talking about Harbhajan Singh’s abuse of former Australian captain Ricky Ponting. Bhajji had openly said on camera that if someone abuses him and he says thank you, this is not going to happen.

Harbhajan Singh, who created panic inside the Australia cricket team with his spin bowling, took 32 wickets in the debut series. Australia’s team reached India after winning 16 consecutive Test matches in India and Bhajji’s spin stopped the victory chariot of Kangaroo team. Even after playing the follow-on at the Eden Gardens ground in Kolkata, the Indian team created history by defeating Australia under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly.

On the tour of Australia, Harbhajan Singh got entangled on the field with the then captain of Australia, Ricky Ponting. In this series too, he troubled the Kangaroo players. After a long time during a show, Bhajji responded to the allegation of showing anger and getting involved with the players.

Bhajji had said, see Ricky Ponting had abused me and that is why I had abused him. Now if someone is abusing you, you will only abuse him, in return you will not say thank you very much. Especially if someone from outside abuses me, he is not going to stop. If someone from my own country says something bad, I might ignore it.

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