India’s cheapest electric car will run 160KM in single charge, price only Rs 4 lakh!

There is a lot of emphasis in the country and the world on manufacturing electric cars to reduce the dependence on natural fuels and to make the environment cleaner. But one of the biggest hurdles of electric cars is its high cost to the common people. It costs almost twice as much to buy an electric car as compared to buying a petrol or diesel car. Due to this, even today customers are able to buy less environment friendly vehicles. Now a Mumbai-based start-up PMV Electric is working on its solution and will bring an electric car priced at Rs 4 lakh, ex-showroom, to the Indian market.

PMV Electric will bring its new electric car under the name of EaS-E. The name of this car is quite unique which reflects a simple car running with battery and motor inside it.

Power and Specifications of EaS-E

Talking about power and specifications, advanced lithium iron phosphate battery will be given in EaS-E. The car gets a more efficient PMSM motor. Talking about the range, this electric car will be able to run up to 160 km once charged. On the other hand, if we talk about the charging time, then the battery of this car can be fully charged in just less than 4 hours. Talking about top speed, it can run at a speed of 70 Kmph.

Talking about dimensions, the length of this electric car is 2915 mm, width 1157 mm, height 1600 mm, wheelbase 2080 mm, ground clearance 170 mm, weight 575 kg. Talking about the braking system, this electric car has disc brakes at the front and rear. Drum brakes are provided. Regenerative braking has been given in it. The car gets daytime running lights, dual tone and single metallic finish design. It is a 4 vehicle quadricycle with front wheel drive. This car has a more robust space frame chassis.

Features of EaS-E

Talking about the features, this electric car has EaS-E mode for easy driving in traffic, cruise control, remote parking assist, remote connectivity and diagnostic, steering mounted controls, safety seat belts for both passengers, LCD digital instrument cluster, Remote keyless entry, power windows, electronically controlled mirrors, rear view camera, air conditioner, LED headlamps, AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB.

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