India’s first car running on ethanol and electric arrived, Nitin Gadkari drives

Toyota has introduced India’s first flex-fuel car that can run on 100% ethanol. In a bid to promote new alternative fuels and reduce dependence on fuel imports, three Union Ministers Nitin Gadkari, Bhupendra Yadav and Mahendra Nath Pandey have introduced the first Flex-Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Car (FFV-SHEV).

The Corolla Altis FFV-SHEV, manufactured by automobile company Toyota, features a flex-fuel engine and an electric powertrain. It offers higher ethanol consumption as well as greater fuel efficiency as it can run in EV mode for longer with the engine off. This car can run on petrol which has ethanol blending between 20-100%.

The car was introduced in India as a pilot to check the BS-VI compliant FFV-SHEV technology. How effective it is under domestic conditions in reducing carbon emissions and will be shared with the Indian Institute of Science to promote ethanol.

The car has been imported from Brazil for research and development purposes. Sources said that to check the performance of the car, the car will be driven in many parts of the country and the study time will be more than a year.

Gadkari said that pollution is a matter of great concern in India and the transport sector has a major contribution in it. “Therefore, there is a need for electric vehicles running on biofuels like ethanol and methanol and more incentives for their use. This will also increase the income of our farmers. We want to reduce our import and dependence on petrol and diesel,” he added. “

Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane and ethanol producer. About 80 percent of the cars there run on flex-fuel. The government is also promoting the use of flex-fuel vehicles. Standards have been notified for E95, E90, E85 engines based on the percentage of petrol vis-a-vis the percentage of ethanol mix.

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