Indore cyber cell arrested 8th pass cyber thug, used to steal lakhs

Indore State Cyber ​​Cell has arrested 8th pass fraud in Madhya Pradesh. The criminal swindled Rs 2 lakh from a person’s account by posing as an officer of the Credit Card Division. After this, the victim complained about the entire incident to the cyber cell. An accused from Jamtara has been taken into custody by the police.

The victim, Rajendra Denwal, has reportedly reported to the Indore Cyber ​​Cell that his credit card is not working after he received a call from the credit card department officer. He asked about the problem and sent a link promising to fix the problem. Thereafter, he received an OTP and Rs 2 lakh was transferred to several different accounts. The fraud came to know after receiving the message of the transaction.

In response to the complaint of the victim, the Cyber ​​Cell initiated the investigation with the help of experts. During investigation, the whereabouts of the accused were found to be in Jamtara. Then after being caught in Jamtara, the criminal was taken to Indore by the cyber squad. The alleged criminal identified himself as Atul Rana, a resident of Jamtara. He told that he has studied till 8th standard. The criminal confessed to the police that he knows 5 different languages ​​very well. He told that he lives in the village and used to go to Bangalore to commit fraud with his accomplices. The culprit is currently being interrogated.

According to Cyber ​​Cell’s Investigation Officer RS ​​Tiwari, the criminal is from the village. He used to travel to Bangalore with the help of his accomplices to defraud people. He has only passed 8th, even after that he knows 5 languages. In questioning him, many more cases can be known.

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