INDW vs AUSW: Why does this batsman’s enthusiasm double after playing from AUS? ‘It seems to be a match with the men’s team’

new Delhi: Indian women’s team’s explosive batsman Shefali Verma believes that whenever she takes the field against Australia, she feels like she is playing against a men’s team. A five-match T20 series is currently being played between the women’s teams of India and Australia. The Kangaroo team is ahead 2-1 in the series at this time. Today the fourth match is to be played between the two teams.

During a conversation with reporters a day before the fourth T20, Shefali Verma said, “I like playing against Australia. Looks like we are playing with boys. Whenever I hit a four against Australia, my confidence increases a lot. As a player, I start seeing improvement in myself because Australia is the best team in women’s cricket.

Shefali further said, “I am very happy to hit a boundary against any Australian bowler. I don’t get as much pleasure from hitting a four against England or against any other team as I do against Australia.

“Playing against Australia women’s cricket, it feels like I’m playing against the men’s team because that’s how they play the game. Whenever they see a slight mistake in your team, they immediately take advantage of it. That’s why we have to enter the field while being fully alert.

In the third T20 match, Shefali scored an inning of 52 runs in 41 balls. However, despite this the team had to face defeat by 21 runs. Shefali said, “We have to play our best shots against Australia. Selects such a shot that we are most confident about. I got to learn a lot by playing against this team. The situation in the last match was such that we had to take risks. We were about 30 runs behind. I shot. Often such shots go for sixes but that day he went straight for the catch.

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