Innings of 140 runs … and profit of 10 thousand, Bracewell who scored a century against India became a star overnight


Michael Bracewell scored 140 in the first ODI against India
Bracewell got rewarded for this innings, became a star on social media overnight

New Delhi. Even though Team India won the first ODI against New Zealand in Hyderabad by 12 runs. But coming at number-7, the way New Zealand all-rounder Michael Bracewell played an inning of 140 runs in 78 balls. Everyone became his admirer. Bracewell hit 12 fours and 10 sixes in his innings. He was the last out batsman of New Zealand. Had he played the full 50 overs, the result of the match might have been different. But, whatever Bracewell’s innings of 140 runs has not only benefited on the cricket field. Rather, he has become popular overnight on social media as well.

Michael Bracewell had 7 thousand followers on Instagram before the Hyderabad ODI against India. But, just a few hours after his innings of 140 runs, the number of his followers on Instagram increased to 17,000. He played an innings of 140 runs. But, he got a profit of 10 thousand in the virtual world. That is, in one innings, his 10 thousand followers increased. If Bracewell continues to perform like this in this ODI series against India, then it is possible that the number of his followers will cross 50 thousand.

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Bracewell came out to bat in the Hyderabad ODI when the New Zealand team lost 6 wickets for 131 runs while chasing the target of 350 runs. After this, what Bracewell did, probably no one would have thought. Bracewell made such a rain of fours and sixes that apart from the players of Team India, the faces of thousands of spectators sitting in the stadium also got off.

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At one time it seemed that he would give victory to the Kiwi team. But Shardul Thakur ended his game by throwing a yorker at the right time. This is Bracewell’s second century. Last year also, in a similar situation against Ireland, coming at number seven and chasing a target of 301 runs, he gave New Zealand victory by hitting a century.

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