‘International cricket in danger from T20 leagues like IPL…’ warns ICC chairman

New Delhi. The International Cricket Council has expressed the possibility of a bad effect on international cricket due to the Indian Premier League. ICC chairman Greg Barclay said a day ago that if the duration of T20 leagues like IPL continues to increase, then in future there may be less bilateral series played between international teams. Due to the addition of two new teams in IPL 2022, this time there will be 74 matches in the league. Till last season 8 teams used to play in IPL and a total of 60 matches were played. Before the start of this season, two new teams were added to the league. Due to this there was an increase of 14 matches and it also became a tournament lasting two months.

When asked how is the balance between IPL and the international calendar? Barclay said, “Such domestic tournaments are subject to the jurisdiction of the member states. They can run it as per their wish. But, if there is an increase in the number of such tournaments and their longer duration, it simply means that bilateral matches between international teams will decrease. We know that there are only 365 days in a year. In such a situation, if there will be more domestic cricket leagues, which are attractive to the players, then some tournament or series will have to bear the loss and I do not think that the ICC event will have to bear the brunt. ICC events are being held every year and many teams participate in it and its duration is longer. So in the event of this happening, only bilateral series will be played less.

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Even though ICC chairman Barclay has expressed concern about the bilateral series. But, in his view, IPL is a great tournament. He said, “For the first time I would like to say that after two years of travel restrictions, I am happy to be in India. IPL final is to be played. I love IPL, it’s a really great tournament. I think BCCI has done a wonderful job for cricket. It is a tournament which is a matter of pride for anyone to watch and be a part of. Full credit for this goes to BCCI and India.”

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