International judo player Kapil Parmar was in poverty, the collector made the way to Egypt easy, helped such

Sehore. Sehore International Judo player Kapil Parmar Sehore district administration became an angel for him. The pocket of this talented player was empty. At such a time, the Collector extended his hand and soon Kapil’s way was paved. Now he will be able to participate in the World Championship.

Judo player Kapil Parmar Has raised the prestige of the country in the world. Kapil Parmar born in very poor family of Sehore 7th ranking in the world in international judo Running on. After winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games held in England in the year 2019, Kapil has consistently performed amazingly in his game. On the basis of his passion, he came into discussion among judo players. Kapil’s father drives a taxi. His financial condition is not so strong that he can cooperate in Kapil’s game. In such a situation, Kapil himself started a tea shop and started a diet.

The collector paved the way
Now Kapil wants to join the World Judo Championship. But his pocket was not helping. He needed two and a half lakh rupees. Sehore Collector Praveen Singh came forward in such a difficult situation. Encouraging the player, he collected an amount of two lakhs in just 10 minutes. This made the way for Kapil to go to Egypt easier.

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Kapil is on the seventh ranking
Judo’s international player Kapil has won gold medal continuously from the year 2018 to 2022 in the Senior National Championship. Apart from this, she has made seventh position in the world by winning gold in Grand Nursultan World Championship in Kazakhstan and International Open Championship in Tokyo, Japan. Now Kapil has been selected to participate in the Judo Championship to be held in Egypt. He did not have money for match fees. In such a situation, he appealed to Collector Praveen Singh for help.

collector helped the player
Seeing his excellent sports record, the collector called him to the meeting. After this, by giving 5 thousand rupees from his own salary, sought cooperation from all the officers. All the district officials immediately collected money and presented the amount of two lakhs to Kapil. Now Kapil is sweating every day to win the gold medal by practicing for 12 hours. Kapil says that if he wins the gold medal in Egypt, he will come on the first ranking in the world. This will open the way for his upcoming 2024. This is the dream of his life.

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