International League T20: 2 Sunil Naren in one match, mystery spinner also left stunned, VIDEO viral


Naren is captaining Abu Dhabi in ILT20 NR
Naren’s team is at the last place in the points table

New Delhi. A wonderful sight was witnessed in the International League T20 being held in Dubai. Abu Dhabi Knight Riders are captained by West Indies spinner Sunil Narine in the league. During a match, the audience felt the presence of 2 Sunil Narines in the stadium. Naren himself was shocked to see this scene.

The matter is something like this. The video of a match of Abu Dhabi Knight Riders is going viral. In this, a person sitting in the stadium looks exactly like Sunil Narine. When Naren sees his lookalike on the screen, he is surprised for a few seconds. Later his laughter is lost. The fellow players sitting in the dug out also start having fun with Naren. Naren’s lookalike is wearing the same glasses as him and his style is also like a mystery spinner. This video is very much liked by the fans.

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