Internet Explorer will become history after 2 days, know the journey of its success

Internet Explorer, one of the world’s most famous and popular web browsers, is going to shut down now. From June 15 this week, Microsoft will end its service. The company had announced this only last year. Internet Explorer was launched in the year 1995. At one time it dominated the world. People liked its interface a lot. This is the reason why Microsoft launched 11 versions of Internet Explorer. Later people got new options in the form of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Both became widely used, leaving Internet Explorer behind. Instead of improving it, Microsoft also focused on its new web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’ and now Internet Explorer is going away. Let us know some more special things about its journey-

  • The Internet Explorer web browser was first released in 1995 for Windows 95 as Add-on Package Plus.
  • The Internet Explorer project was started in 1994 by Thomas Reardon. Its initial team had only 6 members.
  • In 1996, Microsoft was sued by SyNet Inc. It was claimed that he had the rights to the name ‘Internet Explorer’. Microsoft paid $5 million to settle the case.
  • In the beginning, new and updated versions of Internet Explorer came rapidly, by the year 1999 its 5 versions had arrived.
  • After the year 2000, the popularity of Internet Explore increased rapidly. It is said that in the year 2003, its market share was around 95 percent and it reached its peak in terms of utility.
  • The last version of Internet Explorer was 11. It was released in October 2013. In January 2015, the company introduced a new web browser called ‘Microsoft Edge’. New feature development for Internet Explorer ceased the following year. Since then, it was believed that Internet Explorer would become history in the coming years.
  • Internet Explorer, once used in 95 percent of systems, has now been reduced to just 0.38 percent of the market share. It has 10th position in the rank of web browsers.
  • Internet Explorer may be on its way out, but Microsoft spent $100 million a year developing it in the late 1990s. Starting with a team of 6 people, a thousand people used to work in this project then.

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