Internet Explorer’s ‘grave’ made in this country, picture going viral worldwide

Internet Explorer, one of the world’s popular web browsers, has now become history. Microsoft retired it from service on June 15, but it still remains in the limelight. A South Korean engineer has made a ‘grave’ of Internet Explorer, whose picture is going viral around the world. South Korea is one of the few countries where a large number of people were using it till the end of Internet Explorer.

of reports accordingIn honor of this browser, 38-year-old Korean engineer Kyeong Jung has built Internet Explorer’s ‘grave’ on the roof of his brother’s cafe in the city of Gyeongju. Actually a gravestone with the ‘e’ logo has been installed, which is a stone placed on top of the grave. It was written in a joking tone that it was a good tool to be used to download other browsers. The picture of this funny style of Keyong is being shared worldwide. It has been shared thousands of times on many social media websites.

South Korea is the country where, until 2014, Internet Explorer was used for many major online activities. Until recently, it was the default browser for many major government websites in the country. Several departments were using it just before the browser was discontinued.

Kyeong Jang set up this ‘grave’ as a joke, but he is genuinely saddened by the shutdown of Internet Explorer. Talking to a news agency, he said that machines do not have soul, but we give them our heart. Although he is happy with this funny style. The plan is to keep the ‘grave’ on the terrace of the cafe for a long time. Jung said that he likes to make people laugh on the pretext of Internet Explorer.

Significantly, Internet Explorer, launched in the year 1995, was the most popular at one time. Microsoft launched 11 versions of Internet Explorer. Later people got new options in the form of Google Chrome and Mozilla. It superseded Internet Explorer. Instead of improving it, Microsoft also focused on its new web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’ and now it has been discontinued.

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