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IPL 2021: Ravichandran Ashwin and Eoin Morgan involved in ugly verbal fight, Dinesh Karthik stop the heated chat | IPL 2021 KKR vs DC: High voltage altercation between Ashwin and Morgan, this player had to intervene

Sharjah: Kolkata Knight Riders senior player Dinesh Karthik is glad that he played a key role in calming the matter after a heated on-field brawl between Ravichandran Ashwin and Eogh Morgan during their IPL match against Delhi Capitals on Tuesday as KKR made Delhi low-scoring. The match was defeated by 3 wickets but trouble started when Kolkata fielder Rahul Tripathi threw a throw and the ball went away after hitting Delhi captain Rishabh Pant. Ashwin then tried to steal the extra run.

Karthik intervened

Karthik revealed that his captain Morgan felt it was not in the “spirit of the game” and told him this when Ashwin was dismissed off Tim Southee’s delivery. An angry Ashwin, who was leaving the field, stopped after this and was seen coming towards the captain of the Knight Riders. Karthik then came between the two and requested his Tamil Nadu teammate to leave the field.

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Why is Eoin Morgan furious?

Dinesh Karthik said after the 3-wicket win against Delhi, ‘I know that when Rahul Tripathi threw and the ball went away from Rishabh Pant’s body, Ashwin asked for a run and he started taking runs . I don’t think Morgan liked it. I think he expects that if the ball hits the batsman or the bat, he will not take runs in the spirit of the game. It is a very interesting issue, I have my own point of view on it.

DK happy to settle the matter

Dinesh Karthik said, ‘But for the time being I will just say that I am glad that I played a role in calming the matter and now things are fine.’ Delhi captain Pant did not give much importance to this matter saying that it is part of the game. “I think it’s part of the game because both the teams were trying to win matches so something had to happen. Whatever is good for the game, I think is in the spirit of the game.

What did Rishabh Pant say?

Rishabh Pant also said that no one should give much importance to this kind of debate. “Ultimately both Ash and Morgan were trying to win matches for their teams and there was some communication gap between them,” he said. Pant said that Prithvi Shaw is almost 80 percent fit and it is possible that he will play in the next match.

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