Saturday, December 4, 2021

IPL 2022 Auction From where will the new franchises get the Indian players: Aakash Chopra

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 will see 10 teams playing. Sanjeev Goenka-owned RPSG Group has bid for Rs 7,090 crore for the Lucknow franchise, while CVC Capital has bought the new team for the Ahmedabad team for Rs 5,625. Lucknow and Ahmedabad will be the two new teams of IPL. Retention policy has also been announced for IPL 2022 and under this all the old teams can retain four players each. At the same time, Lucknow franchise and Ahmedabad franchise can select three players through draft. Meanwhile, former cricketer Aakash Chopra believes that new teams may face some difficulties during the auction.

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Regarding the retention policy on his YouTube channel, Chopra said that according to the draft, new teams will not have a chance to get three Indian players because if all eight teams retain three Indian players, then 24 players will go the same way. After this, where will the best Indian players be left for both the new teams. In the 2022 season of IPL, there will be 10 teams and 74 matches will be played. Each team will play seven matches on the home ground and seven on the opposing team’s ground.

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Due to the arrival of two new teams in the league, there is also a mega auction next year. For this, all teams have been given the option to retain and release. According to this, the old eight teams can retain four players. These could be three Indians and one foreigner or two Indians and two foreigners. Apart from this, the two new teams can choose three players through draft before the auction. Two Indian and one foreign player can be selected in this. He said, ‘Four players can be retained and that is a very big number. The problem is that if all the teams choose an average of three players and all of them are Indians, then 24 players will be the same. After this, from where will the new franchise get Indian players?

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