Thursday, December 9, 2021

IPL 2022 BCCI may approve special selection for two new teams know what will be the benefit of this – Latest Cricket News

In the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022, 10 teams will take part instead of eight. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is considering allowing these two new teams to buy some players before the auction. Obviously, the move is aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for new players, as the existing eight IPL franchises are set to be given the option of retention.

Sources from the BCCI and the franchises have indicated that both the new teams will be able to pick a few players from amongst the players who have registered themselves in the auction, though the exact process for selecting the players is being worked out, but surely. The players selected from will be big names and their fees will be decided jointly by the franchise and the player. The number of players available for special selection is yet to be decided, but it is understood that it will be two or three, although their final number will be decided based on the number of retention players allowed for the current eight IPL teams.

At present, existing franchises may be allowed to retain a maximum of four players with three Indians and one foreigner or a maximum of three Indians and a maximum of two foreigners. If four players are allowed to retain then it is unlikely that a Right to Match (RTM) card will be facilitated. Questions in this regard were understood to have been sent to the BCCI by the existing franchisees and some agencies and the BCCI has replied to them saying that the retention policy will be announced at a later stage, while the BCCI will formally announce it later this month. Or soon after that it is expected to come up with a retention policy while announcing the two new teams.

Meanwhile, the BCCI has postponed the sale of ITT by 10 days, extending the deadline from October 10 to 20. The obvious reason for the adjournment has been given to the insistence of some new parties. “As requested by various interested parties, the BCCI has now decided to extend the date of purchase of ITT documents to October 20,” the BCCI said in a statement on Wednesday. The BCCI, however, has confirmed that the postponement of the process will not delay the sale of teams scheduled for October 25.

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