IPL 2022 Explainer: Deepak Chahar out of IPL, yet he will get full 14 crores, know why?

New Delhi. Deepak Chahar is out of IPL 2022. This fast bowler of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is still injured and he is unlikely to play in the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia this year. CSK bought Chahar for a whopping sum of Rs 14 crore. For the first time in the auction, the team had spent such a huge amount on a player. He is currently rehabbing at NCA, Bangalore. Defending champions CSK suffered a major setback due to his withdrawal and the management is also acknowledging his lack. The team had lost the first four matches. Now that this Indian bowler has been out of the T20 league, then the biggest question is whether he will get 14 crores from the auction or not. Let us tell you about it in detail:

  • Which team bought Deepak Chahar?

    Chennai Super Kings bought this fast bowler in the auction for Rs 14 crores. He was the second most expensive player to be sold in the current auction. He was also a part of CSK in IPL 2021.

  • Why did he get such a huge bid in IPL?

  • He is one of the best T20 bowlers. He is adept at taking wickets with the new ball. Especially in the powerplay of the first 6 overs. His strike rate in T20 is 19. That is, he takes a wicket on every 19th ball.

  • Are they included in the contract list of BCCI?

  • Yes, Deepak Chahar is included in the annual contract list of IPL. He has been placed in Grand-C. According to this, he gets one crore rupees every year.

  • Will he get Rs 14 crore from the auction?

  • Yes. He will get the full Rs 14 crore even for not playing a match in the T20 league due to injury. The BCCI had implemented an insurance policy in 2011 for the players who got the contract. They will get benefit of this.

  • Will franchise CSK give him money now?

  • No. He was injured before the season even started. In such a situation, the franchisee will not have to pay him a single penny. The board will give full money. That is, in this way the entire Rs 14 crore of CSK was saved.

  • What would have happened if Chahar was out in the middle of the season?

  • If Deepak Chahar was out due to injury in the middle of the season, then according to the rules, half the money would have to be given to the board and half the money to the franchise. That is, Chahar would get Rs 7-7 crore from both.

  • What are the rules for non-contracted players?

  • There are no rules for these players. In such a situation, if these players get injured before the start of the season, then they would not get anything from the board and the franchise.

  • Which players have got the advantage first?

  • Shreyas Iyer, who was playing for KKR in the last season, also could not play the first leg of the league due to injury. Even after this, he got full salary. Earlier, in case of injuries to Ashish Nehra and Shikhar Dhawan, they have been given full money by the board.

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