IPL 2022 GT vs RCB Virat Kohli made some changes and here is the result for RCB batter

Virat Kohli was yearning to score runs in most of the matches of IPL 2022. Before the 67th match of the season against Gujarat Titans, he was able to score only one fifty. But against Gujarat, he has shown signs of returning to form by playing a half-century. He was the victim of golden duck thrice this season. But now he has scored more than 300 runs in this season. Kohli played a brilliant innings of 73 runs in 54 balls against Gujarat. With this, Kohli made a big record for RCB in his name. He has become the first batsman to score 7000 runs for this franchise. In T20 cricket, apart from Virat, no batsman has scored so many runs for a single franchise so far.

‘Want to win T20 World Cup for India’, Virat Kohli’s target

This change is being seen in Kohli’s batting because he has changed his technique in recent times. In the opening matches of the tournament, Kohli’s right foot was not moving from its place, but his footwork against Gujarat was phenomenal. During his half-century innings, Kohli’s both legs appeared stable and his entire attention was towards the ball. In the opening matches, Kohli’s bat was unable to get runs due to the right foot being behind, whereas in the last match his head and feet were completely stable. With this, he was playing shots on the ball easily. After making some changes in his batting technique, Kohli has started to see the difference and now runs are also coming out of his bat.

Virat Kohli came out in support of Mumbai Indians, will sit in the stadium and pray for MI’s victory!

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Talking about the IPL, Virat has scored 6576 runs in 221 matches (up to 57 runs against Gujarat Titans), while 424 runs have come out with his bat in the Champions League T20. In this way overall he has made 7000 runs for RCB. Anyway, the record of scoring the most runs in the history of IPL is recorded in the name of Virat Kohli, who has scored more than 6500 runs so far.

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