IPL 2022 Karthikeya had given up food due to poverty coach told how Kumar life changed

Kumar Karthikeya made his debut for Mumbai Indians on Saturday. This match was very special for him as well as the team. Because young player Kumar played a vital role in helping the 5-time champion to win the first win of the IPL 2022 season. Karthikeya’s childhood coach Sanjay Bhardwaj said the youngster has worked hard to learn the art of wrist spin especially to be successful in T20Is.

At the age of 15, Kartikeya went to Bharadwaj’s academy. Despite Kumar being told that he would not be able to pay the fees, he was offered training. Kartikeya then started working as a laborer in Ghaziabad, about 80 km from the academy, to meet his needs. He worked at night and would often walk to the academy in the morning to save Rs 10 for a packet of biscuits.

Bhardwaj reveals that Kartikeya started crying when the cook of his cricket academy offered him lunch. This was because Kartikeya had not had lunch for more than a year.

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“Looking at his ability and dedication, I sent him to my friend and Shahdol Cricket Association secretary Ajay Dwivedi,” Bharadwaj said. “He played division cricket there and took over 50 wickets in his first two years.”

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Bhardwaj said, ‘Whenever he is free, he starts bowling in the nets. “Sometimes he comes back from matches in Indore late at night and turns on the lights and spends the next two to three hours in the nets. His passion has only grown in the last nine years.”


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