IPL 2022: Ravindra Jadeja out of CSK amid controversy, franchise unfollowed too!

New Delhi. All is not well between Chennai Super Kings and Ravindra Jadeja. He was first ruled out of the rest of the IPL due to a rib injury. After that the franchise unfollowed him from the official Instagram. This shows that there are differences between Jadeja and the team management. However, CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan says that Jadeja has been rested on the advice of the medical team. In IPL 2022, Jadeja could not do anything special under his captaincy. This is the reason why the team is on the verge of being out of the tournament.

According to the report of the English newspaper The Indian Express, CSK has unfollowed Ravindra Jadeja from his official Instagram. After which it became common discussion that there is a rift between the relationship between Ravindra Jadeja and the franchise. Two days before the start of the 15th season, he was made the captain of the team. But under his captaincy, the CSK team could not do much. Jadeja captained the team in 8 matches. Due to continuous poor performance, Jadeja handed over the captaincy to MS Dhoni again. According to CEO Viswanathan, there were signs of Jadeja’s rift with some teammates. Because this thing was disclosed on the condition of anonymity. The CEO further said, “Jadeja was not happy with the way the captaincy was changed.” Experts say that Jadeja realized that there is a lack of transparency in this process.

Jadeja will remain in the team

Speaking to the newspaper, CEO Kasi Viswanathan insisted that “Jadeja will remain in CSK’s scheme.” According to him, “I do not follow social media. I don’t know what is going on there. I can tell you that there is no problem from the management side. I don’t know what is on social media. But Jadeja is firmly involved in CSK’s plans for the future.”

Jaddu is injured

Kasi Viswanathan further said, “He got injured in the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore. After which he did not play the match against Delhi Capitals. On medical advice it was decided that he could not participate further in this IPL. He is going back home. They have been released.” At the same time, according to a statement by CSK, “Ravindra Jadeja told about the injury in his rib. After which he did not play the match against Delhi Capitals on Sunday. He was under observation. On the advice of the medical team, he was asked not to participate in the remaining matches of the IPL.

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Captaincy in 8 matches

Just 2 days before the start of IPL 2022, Ravindra Jadeja was made the captain of the team. However, CSK’s performance under his captaincy was very poor. Jadeja captained Chennai in 8 matches. During this he won 2 matches and lost 6. Due to the continuous poor performance of the team, he handed back the captaincy to MS Dhoni. At the same time, Dhoni agreed to become the captain again. During the match against Sunrisers, Dhoni had said that “how the pressure of captaincy was affecting Jadeja. Dhoni said that I used to think that Jadeja will captain CSK in this season. I supervised his work in the first two matches. But later I insisted that he will take his own decisions and take over the responsibility of captaincy.

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