IPL 2022: Will 5 teams get a chance in the IPL playoffs? Former coach Ravi Shastri said a big thing

New Delhi. The season of IPL 2022 is special in itself. For only the second time in the history of T20 league, 10 teams have been given a chance. However, all the teams have to play 14-14 league matches as before. But the number of matches has increased from 60 to 74. Each team has to play 2-2 against 5 other teams while 4 others have to play one match each. Right now the top-4 teams go to the playoffs. But with the increase in the number of teams, will the number of teams in the playoffs also increase? On this, former coach of Team India Ravi Shastri has given a big statement. It is known that so far 50 matches have been played in the current season of T20 league. The team of Mumbai Indians, which has won the T20 league title for the most 5 times, has been out of the playoff race after losing 8 matches in a row. Defending champions CSK are also not in good shape.

Talking to Cricinfo, Ravi Shastri said, according to me, only the top-4 teams should be given a chance in the playoffs. After running like this for a few years, it can definitely be considered this time. It is known that in Australia’s T20 league Big Bash, 5 teams get a chance in the playoff, while only 8 teams land there. He said that no change should be made in the time of Kovid. The top-2 teams get 2 chances anyway. In such a situation, semi-finals or any other format can be considered in the near future.

Vatori in favor of 5 teams

Former New Zealand cricketer Daniel Vettori says that 10 teams enter the IPL. In such a situation, 5 teams can be given a playoff chance. Former West Indies player Ian Bishop is also in favor of giving more teams a place in the playoffs. KKR CEO Venky Mysore said that this time the format is interesting. This has been changed as the teams grow. However, he did not say anything about the format in the playoffs.

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At the same time, Piyush Chawla said that there is no need to make changes in this right now. This can definitely be considered in the coming time. It is known that in the 15th season of the T20 league, the new teams have performed amazingly. Gujarat Titans have now won 8 out of 10 matches played and are on top. On the other hand, the team of Lucknow Super Giants is at number two by winning 7 out of 10 matches.

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