IPL 2023: After all, why is Holkar Stadium deserted for 5 years, IPL matches did not happen after this controversy, why Preity Zinta’s name was associated

ipl tournament 2023. IPL cricket matches are not being played at Holkar Stadium in Indore for 5 years. In the year 2017, Punjab King declared Indore as the second home ground. Along with this, three out of seven matches were conducted in Indore. This event was fine, but in the year 2018, a dispute had arisen regarding the ticket pass. IPL franchise Punjab’s Honor Preity Zinta and other officials had made serious allegations against the Indore police administration. After this, all the franchisees have distanced themselves from this ground. This is the reason why in the year 2023 also the ground of Indore is deserted in the matches of IPL.

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