IPL 2023 Auction: A stormy bowler set such a fire, Pacer’s complete playing-XI ready even before the auction!

Mujtaba Yusuf, Yudhveer Charak, Basit Bashir, Rasik Dar, Wasim Khande, Avinash Singh, Shah Rukh Dar, Lone Muzaffar, Aaqib Dar, Asad Jameel Ahmed, Ashish Bhatt, Gaurav Kaul, Rajeev Singh and others from Jammu and Kashmir in the IPL 2023 Mini Auction Mohammad Wasim is taking part. All these 14 players are fast bowlers. Out of this, Mujtaba Yusuf, Basit Bashir and Gaurav Kaul are left arm fast bowlers. (Yudhveer singh charak instagram)

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