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Usually, after so many matches in every season of IPL, it was almost clear that which two teams would definitely reach the play-offs and the way for the third team to reach was also almost clear. If there was struggle for something, then it used to be the last place. For who would be the fourth team, 2-3 teams used to present their claims. However, this time the points table is on fire. You see each team in the middle with exactly the same number of points. Come on, not every team, because Delhi and Hyderabad have proved to be quite lazy. But at least 5 teams are running on par continuously. After one match, the chances of one team are strong and after the second match, of someone else. There is an uproar among the fans about whether their favorite team will be able to reach the play-offs or not.

In such a situation, if any one team has definitely confirmed its place in the Play-F, then it is the Gujarat team. Hardik Pandya’s team has touched the barrier of 16 points and in the history of IPL, no team has ever been eliminated from the play-offs by scoring 16 points. Gujarat Titans now have three matches left.

May 12: vs Mumbai Indians

May 15: vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

May 21: vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Out of this, defeating Hyderabad where Gujarat Titans will completely secure their place. On the other hand, losing to Mumbai or Bangalore will not affect his health. But Hardik Pandya would like to win all the remaining three matches and stay in the top, so that he can get more comfortable in reaching the finals. After Gujarat Titans, if any other team will be completely carefree about the play-offs, then it is Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings. Currently Chennai is second in the table with 13 points and They have matches left-

May 10: vs Delhi Capitals

May 14: vs Kolkata Knight Riders

May 20: vs Delhi Capitals

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Match two of CSK is against Delhi. One against Kolkata and that too in Chennai. In such a situation, winning 2 matches out of 3 should not be a special headache for Dhoni. Like Gujarat, Lucknow Super Giants, who made their IPL debut last year, had a good start this season as well, but the defeat in the last few matches, especially at the home ground Lucknow, has increased the problems of KL Rahul’s team. Lucknow’s problem is also huge because the regular captain Rahul is out and Krunal Pandya has suddenly got the additional responsibility of captaincy. But the way Hardik has impressed everyone with his leadership, it can be expected that elder brother Krunal can also do wonders in IPL. At the moment Lucknow still looks in a better position with 11 points and His remaining matches are-

May 13: vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

May 16: vs Mumbai Indians

May 20: vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Compared to Lucknow Super Giants, they are up against such teams, due to which they will not face much trouble. But this does not mean that out of three they have to win only one. They need to win at least two more of all the three matches to be completely sure. The recent form of the Rajasthan Royals team seems to be sinking with them. After 5 defeats out of the last 6 and especially after the strange defeat in the last match against Hyderabad, their morale can also be affected. The problem for Rajasthan Royals is that all three of their remaining matches are difficult-

May 11: vs Kolkata Knight Riders

May 14: vs Royce Challengers Bangalore

May 19: Vs Punjab Kings

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The matches of Rajasthan Royals are against such teams, two of which i.e. Bangalore and Punjab are in equal competition with 10 points. That is, the competition with these two can be of ‘do or die’ type. Royal Challengers Bangalore also have 10 points in 10 matches to say, but their net run rate is not very good, which will put them under additional pressure to not only win but also win big in the upcoming matches.

May 9: vs Mumbai Indians

May 14: vs Rajasthan Royals

May 18: vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

May 21: vs Gujarat Titans

Out of this, 2 matches which are against Mumbai and Rajasthan, which will prove to be like ‘do or die’ as the defeat will give strength to the opposing team in the points table. For the 5-time champions Mumbai Indians, this season is looking better than last year. Rohit Sharma’s team, which finished last in 2022, is still in the play-off race this year. The remaining matches of Mumbai Indians are-

May 9: vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

May 12: vs Gujarat Titans

May 16: vs Lucknow Supergiants

May 21: vs Sunrisers Hyderabad

In all these matches, Mumbai needs 3 wins under any circumstances, but even they are not completely confirming their place. In such a situation, apart from winning the last four matches, Mumbai Indians do not see any other option at the moment. Punjab Kings also kept the pace right in the beginning this year, but they struggled for the rhythm and now once again the situation has become the same for them as it has been happening for the last several years. The remaining matches of the last Punjab Kings are-

May 8: vs Kolkata Knight Riders

May 13: vs Delhi Capitals

May 17: vs Delhi Capitals

May 19: vs Rajasthan Royals

Punjab Kings need to win 4 out of 4 matches. Out of this, the only thing of satisfaction is that 2 out of 4 matches are against Delhi, which is almost out of the way of playoffs. The case of Kolkata Knight Riders is opposite to that of Punjab, who have bounced back after a bad start. The remaining matches of Kolkata Knight Riders are-

May 8: vs Punjab Kings

May 11: vs Rajasthan Royals

May 14: vs Chennai Super Kings

May 20: vs Lucknow Super Giants

For Kolkata Knight Riders, a defeat in even one of the 4 matches can end their journey for this season. The situation is more difficult for Sunrisers Hyderabad. They have four matches left-

May 13: vs Lucknow Super Giants

May 15: vs Gujarat Titans

May 21: vs Mumbai Indians

Despite winning 4 out of 4 matches for Sunrisers Hyderabad, reaching the play-offs will not be decided. Unless the results of other teams also help them. Delhi Capitals have won 4 out of the last 5 matches, but Delhi is also far away for them. The remaining 4 matches of Delhi Capitals are-

May 10: vs Chennai Super Kings

May 13: Vs Punjab Kings

May 17: vs Punjab Kings

May 20: Vs Chennai Super Kings

Delhi Capitals have to play two matches against Dhoni’s team and two against Shikhar Dhawan. And to win against both the teams, Delhi will have to maintain the consistency of the last 10 days, which does not look easy. Overall, at present only Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings have been able to show the game in terms of their excellent credentials and they are sure to reach the play-offs.

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