IPL 2023: ‘There is no brain…’ Venkatesh Prasad’s target again, KL Rahul said a stinging thing on the defeat of LSG


LSG was defeated by Gujarat Titans in the 30th match of IPL
Venkatesh Prasad targeted the defeat of Lucknow by tweeting

New Delhi. 36 balls….31 runs and 9 wickets in hand, if these equations are there in a T20 match, then 9 out of 10 times the team will win. But, exactly the opposite happened in the 30th match of IPL 2023 between Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans. Lucknow Super Giants needed 31 runs in the last 36 balls and had 9 wickets left. But, the team led by KL Rahul lost the match by 7 runs. After this it is bound to create hue and cry. So, former Indian bowler Venkatesh Prasad once again targeted KL Rahul.

Venkatesh Prasad tweeted after the defeat of Lucknow Super Giants. He wrote, “If 30 is needed in 35 balls and you have 9 wickets in hand, then you can fail to chase runs only if you have batted beyond understanding. This happened many times in 2020 with Punjab. Then the team could easily win many matches. But, she was defeated. In this match, as brilliant as Gujarat was in bowling and Hardik looked smart with his captaincy, Lucknow’s team looked equally brainless.

Prasad targets KL Rahul
Prasad did not write anyone’s name in his tweet. But, his reference was only towards Lucknow Super Giants captain KL Rahul. In this match, KL Rahul scored 68 runs in 61 balls. But, he could not win the team. His strike rate is also under question.

This former Indian bowler had also criticized the selection of KL Rahul in the Test team in recent times. While he was stripped of the vice-captaincy of the Test.

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Lucknow lost the match by 7 runs
In this match against Gujarat, the team of Lucknow Supergiants had scored 106 runs in 15 overs losing just 2 wickets while chasing the run. Captain KL Rahul and Nicholas Pooran himself were present at the crease. But from here the Gujarat bowlers came back in the match and did not allow Lucknow to score 30 runs. During this, Lucknow lost its 5 wickets and its innings could not progress beyond 128 runs. In this way, despite being in a strong position, Lucknow lost the match by 7 runs.

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