IPL 2023 will be completely different, 5 major changes will be seen, ’12th player’ will turn the tide of the game


Many new rules will be seen in IPL 2023
There has been a change from slow over rate to DRS as well.

New Delhi. IPL 2023 will begin with a match between Chennai Super Kings and defending champions Gujarat Titans. As much as the fans are excited about this match, this time there will be more excitement about the changed rules in IPL. This time 5 such changes will be seen in IPL, which will completely change the game. With this, the thrill of the league will increase a lot as compared to before. Let us tell you about those 5 changes, which will make the 16th season of IPL different from the previous tournament.

The biggest change will be seen in the playing condition of IPL 2023. That’s the Impact Player Rule. As it seems from the name itself, this rule is about such a player, who has the power to make an impact in the match. After all, under which rule, which player will be able to enter the field as an impact player. How will teams be able to use it? Let’s know this.

The Impact Player Rule Will Change The Game
For the first time in the 16th season of IPL, the Impact Player rule will be applicable. He will be such a substitute player who will be able to bat along with bowling. It will work like a tactical substitute in football, basketball. Now the question arises that how will it work? At the time of the toss, the teams will have to give the names of their 4 substitute players along with the playing-XI. The team will be able to use only one of these 4 as an impact player.

How to use Impact Player?
Now the question arises whether the team will ever be able to use the impact player in the match? So there are many options. The captain can bring the impact player of the team before the start of the innings. The second after the end of an over, the third after the wicket falls or the batsman retires. However, if the bowling team fieldes an impact player in the event of the fall of a wicket or retirement of a batsman during the over, the impact player will not be allowed to bowl the remainder of the over.

What will happen to the player who will be replaced by the Impact player? So the answer is simple. The player in whose place the Impact player has come in the team, will not be able to take further part in the match. Not even as a substitute fielder.

How will foreign players be used as impact players?
If a team includes 4 foreign players in its starting XI, then it can only field an Indian player as an impact player in the match. This will be done only to limit the number of foreign players to 4. This rule is from the beginning of IPL that only a maximum of 4 foreign players can remain in the playing-XI of any team. However, if the team has kept 3 or less foreign players in the initial playing-XI, then it can field an overseas or foreign player as an impact player. But, the foreign player joining the playing-XI should be one of the 4 substitute players given to the referee at the time of the toss.

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Playing XI announced after the toss
Till now in IPL, the captains had to tell the playing-XI before the toss. But this will not happen in the 16th season of IPL. The captain will tell the playing eleven after the toss. The captain can come for the toss with 2 different team sheets. Based on the result of the toss, he can give his playing-XI.

There will be dead ball on unfair movement
In any match of IPL 2023, if the wicketkeeper or any fielder present on the field, during the ball being thrown, goes around contrary to the rules, then the umpires will call that action a dead ball. Along with this, 5 runs will be added as penalty to the score of the batting team.

DRS for wide and no-ball
For the first time in the recently concluded Women’s Premier League, teams took DRS for wides and no balls. The same rule will now apply in IPL as well. If the batting and bowling team do not agree with the umpire’s decision of wide or no-ball, then they will be able to take DRS.

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Punishment will be given during the match for slow over rate

Due to slow over rate in IPL 2023, teams may have to suffer, that too during the match itself. Like International T20, all the overs that will be bowled after the cut-off time for throwing overs of their quota, during that time only 4 players of the fielding team will remain on the boundary as a punishment. By the way, after the powerplay, 5 fielders can stay on the boundary.

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