IPL auction has been seen, now know when and how the auction would have started in the world

This time, the sports fans were delighted to see the players being auctioned for the Indian Premier League (IPL). Till the next day the fans of cricket kept discussing about it. In such a situation, a natural question arose in the mind of a friend that when and how the auction would have started. Many interesting facts came to the fore in its search. However, the search for its equivalent word in Sanskrit remained incomplete even after discussion with many scholars. After discussing with the scholars, it seems that the practice of auction would not have existed in the old Indian society. There are stories of acquiring rights over something that is owned by others through knowledge or force, but there is no story of buying a thing or a person by paying a higher price than what is being received for it. That is, it has not been practiced in the very ancient Indian society, at least in the form it is today.

oxen means auction
If we talk about the world, there is mention of auction in Babylon about 500 years before Christ. At that time people kept buying women in this way and marrying them. Auction has been in practice even in Roman civilization. The Roman Empire used to collect money for the state by auctioning people’s properties for different reasons. This system was also used as a punishment. The English word auction for auction is believed to be derived from the Latin word actus. The meaning of Actus is said to be ‘in increasing order’. Generally, the price is taken in the increasing order in the auction, in this sense it also seems logical.

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It is also mentioned that the soldiers in Rome used to sell the things won in the war in the Atrium Auctionarium. Obviously, there must have been bargaining between the buyer and the seller. This is also called a form of auction.

how did the word auction come about
The word auction has found its place in Hindi only through Persian-Urdu. Senior journalist Ajit Badnerkar, who works on the etymology of words and author of the book Journey of Words, says – ‘The original word was Al Ilmi. It was auctioned according to the convenience of speaking in Arabic. Lak’s absence is a very natural change. They also tell that in Marathi it is called Lilav. By the way, auction has also been heard in the eastern parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

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how to avoid a fight
In the primitive age, it must have happened often that many people of a group wanted to establish their authority over any one thing. There must have been battles for this. To avoid this, wise people must have decided that the one who pays more will have the thing or person. Men are mentioned again and again because first of all man must have fought for women and their auction is also mentioned. Everyone knows about the auction of slaves.

auction in india
It is said that during the Buddhist period in India, the property of deceased Buddhists was handed over to the highest bidder. The monasteries used to get income from this. However, modern auction seems to be the product of the state system during the British era or just before that. The British specially arranged for the auction of valuable crops like opium, later it reached tea etc. which is still prevalent today.

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