IPL media rights sold to in crore 43255 rs Indian premier league 2023 to 2027 | BCCI got rich in IPL Media Rights auction, the cost of one match crossed 100 crores

IPL media rights: IPL is the most watched league in the world. There was a huge bidding for the media rights of TV and digital of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Indian Premier League IPL has created history. For the next five years, the media rights bid has stopped at Rs 43255 crore, breaking all the records.

IPL media rights sold for so many crores

A big update has come regarding IPL media rights. Package-A and Package-B have been sold for media rights. Rights of TV and digital media have been sold in India. For IPL 2023 to 2027, TV rights have been sold for Rs 57.5 crore and digital rights for Rs 48 crore. Package-A and Package-B of Media Rights have been sold for a total of Rs 43255 crores. That is, this price has reached Rs 105.5 crore for one match. Its official announcement is yet to be made.

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