IPL Playoffs: It is easy for Punjab Kings to reach the playoffs, just have to do this work

New Delhi. IPL 2022 now seems to be turning into ‘do or die’ matches. There have been 59 matches in the league and except Gujarat Titans, no team is scheduled to play the playoffs. On the other hand, except Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings, every team remains in the race for the playoffs. Even the eighth-ranked Punjab Kings in the point table (IPL Point Table) are also strongly present in this race. He still has a chance to beat the third or fourth placed teams in the points table. Let’s learn how.

Before knowing the equation of playoff of IPL 2022, let us know the current status of the point table. Gujarat Titans (18 marks) is the table topper. He is at number one and Lucknow Super Kings (16) with 18 points. Rajasthan Royals (14) is at number three and Royal Challengers Bangalore (14) is at number four. They are followed by Delhi Capitals (12), Sunrisers Hyderabad (10) and Kolkata Knight Riders (10). The last three places are Punjab (10), Chennai Super Kings (8) and Mumbai Indians (6).

Today is the 60th match of IPL 2022, which will be played between Punjab Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Here we are talking about the equation of Punjab Kings reaching the playoffs, which is captained by Mayank Agarwal. That’s why for the time being let’s focus on Punjab only. The way for this team to reach the playoffs passes through victory and only victory. He has to play a match from Bangalore today. After this, he has to play matches against Delhi on 16 May and Hyderabad on 22 May.

Punjab Kings currently have 10 points from 5 wins in 11 matches. If he wins his remaining three matches (vs Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad), then he will have 16 points from 14 matches. If this happens, she will exclude Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad from the race for the playoffs. Only Bangalore will remain in the competition with Punjab. For Bangalore, not only will it have to win its last match (vs Gujarat), but it will also have to improve its run rate.

Punjab’s first target
The first target of Punjab Kings is to defeat RCB. Bangalore currently has 14 points in 12 matches. If he loses to Punjab, then it will be a do or die fight for him. Even if she won her last match against Gujarat, she would be able to score only 16 points. That is, equal to Punjab. In this case the runrate will be decisive.

Punjab’s second target
After defeating the team of Punjab Kings, Bangalore also defeated Delhi Capitals. Delhi currently has 12 points in 12 matches. All the competitions for him are do or die. If she loses to Punjab, she will not be able to reach 16 points. That is, it will be out of the playoffs.

Punjab’s third target
The third target of Punjab Kings is to defeat Sunrisers Hyderabad. Hyderabad currently has 10 points in 11 matches. If Hyderabad team loses to Punjab, then it will be able to reach maximum 14 points only. At least in the current situation, the teams with 14 points cannot be said to be playing in the playoffs. For this it seems necessary to reach 16 points.

Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata…
Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are already out of the race for the playoffs. The condition of Kolkata Knight Riders is also bad. He currently has 12 points in 12 matches. Even if she wins both her remaining matches, she will not be able to reach 16 points.

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