IPL Stars: Rinku Singh, Aligarh’s son, used to sweep and earn lakhs in IPL, see VIDEO


Rinku Singh is a famous player of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL.
After 2022, in 2023 also his price was Rs 55 lakh.
Rinku, who has also played Ranji Trophy with the Uttar Pradesh team, had a difficult childhood and family life.

Aligarh. Just 24 years old Rinku Singh has seen a lot of struggle in his life. When the father used to deliver cylinders from house to house, he used to support, the elder brother used to drive an auto to make a living, then he used to lend a hand. Even the IPL changed the fortunes of this player who used to sweep before swinging the bat. During the last 5 years of his career from injury to Rinku Singh, who has faced suspension for violating BCCI rules, is again in the news. What is that player who does not beat the stumbles. With such attitude, the story of Rinku, who is showing wonders in the practice match of IPL, is something special.

Trends are changing with time, proverbs are changing. Now not only the one who reads and writes but also the one who plays and jumps is becoming a Nawab. Rinku Singh is a living example of this. If Rinku’s mother Meena Devi is to be believed At an early age, Rinku was convinced that the game of cricket itself could change one’s destiny. Rinku, one of the five sons of a cylinder hawker, started enjoying playing cricket from his school days but the circumstances were difficult. Father was against. Often beating and waiting with a stick to see when he would come home, but the brothers supported Rinku.

Rinku’s sister-in-law Aarti said in a conversation with News18 that the family did not like Rinku playing cricket, but when Rinku won a bike in a school tournament in 2012, the family’s mind started changing. Initially, the money Rinku earned from cricket went to repay the family’s debts. Rinku, the first player from Aligarh to reach the IPL, got so much money in this tournament that no one in the family had ever seen. The problems of the house have gone away. Built a house by taking land, repaid all the loans.

Rinku started playing IPL from 2017. In 2017, Rinku was bought by Punjab Kings for the first time. Then he got a fee of Rs 10 lakh. Then Rinku Singh’s luck shone. Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders signed him for IPL in 2018 for Rs 80 lakhs. That too when no one knew Rinku Singh. However, his performance in domestic cricket from Uttar Pradesh started improving. The family is very happy with Rinku’s success and talks about turning the day around because of him.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 30, 2023

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