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IPL T20 most sixes in ipl history yuzvendra chahal piyush chawla ravindra jadeja ipl 2021 amit mishra | Who are the top-4 bowlers, against whom the most sixes have been hit in IPL

New Delhi: T20 format is such a format of cricket where no matter how good the bowler is, he always hits sixes and fours. So bowling in this league is not so easy. Even the best bowlers lose their sweat in IPL. Spin bowlers have hit the most number of sixes in IPL history, so in this post we will tell about 4 bowlers who have hit most sixes in IPL. All the bowlers in this list are spinners.

Piyush Chawla

Piyush Chawla, who has been a part of many teams in IPL for years, holds the record for most sixes in IPL. He has bowled in 163 matches of IPL and his bowling has hit 181 sixes. Piyush Chawal has been part of several winning teams in the IPL, including Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders. However, this time Piyush, who was part of Mumbai, has not got a place in the team in any match so far.

Amit Mishra

Leg spinner Amit Mishra has played 154 matches in IPL and the batsmen have hit 175 sixes on his bowling. Although Amit Mishra is one of the best T20 bowlers, but his bowling also hits a lot of sixes. He has not got a chance to play any match in this IPL season.

Ravindra Jadeja

Chennai Super Kings all-rounder and best spin bowler Ravindra Jadeja is also not behind in this list. Although it is not so easy to play big shots on his bowling but no bowler has survived in the IPL. Jadeja is one of the best all-rounders in the world. This is the reason that Jadeja has also played match-winning fairies many times for Chennai in IPL. In IPL, Jadeja has hit 159 sixes in 168 innings and comes third in the list of most sixes in IPL.

Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal is considered one of the best T20 bowlers. Chahal has also won many T20 matches while playing for India but he has not got a place in the team in the T20 World Cup 2021. Chahal, who plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, comes at number four in this list. He has played 111 matches in IPL in which the batsmen have hit 150 sixes against him.

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