IPL Umpire Salary: Umpires earn more money than players! Know how much umpires earn in each match?

New Delhi: The auction process for IPL 2023 is about to begin. On December 23, the stage for the auction of players for the upcoming IPL will be set in Kochi. Before this, the market of discussions is hot that which player is going to be showered with money and which players will return empty handed after the auction. Representatives of all 10 IPL franchises have completed research to finalize their respective teams. Notes are showered on the players during IPL, but have you ever wondered how much salary the umpires get for each IPL match. Let us provide you complete information about it.

How much salary do IPL umpires get?

During IPL, not only the players but also the umpires are rich. The BCCI also warms the pockets of the umpires well for conducting a fair match on the field. According to reports, the salary of umpires has been divided into two categories. ICC’s elite panel umpires come in the first category, who are given an amount of Rs 1.98 lakh for umpiring in each IPL match. Development umpires fall in the second category. In this category, umpires are given an amount of Rs 59 thousand for each match.

Sponsorship also gives benefits

If you are thinking that IPL umpires are only paid hefty match fee from BCCI for each match then you are wrong. Apart from match fees, umpires also get the benefit of sponsorship. BCCI also pays a lump sum amount of Rs 7.33 lakh to these umpires for running sponsor’s ads on their clothes during the match.

Umpires earn more than players

The base price for IPL 2023 is Rs 20 lakh. If a franchise wants to make a domestic player of India a part of its team, then it will have to pay at least 20 lakh rupees. A total of 74 matches will be organized during the upcoming IPL season. During this one and a half month long tournament, each umpire conducts at least 20 matches while on the field. In such a situation, each umpire earns Rs 40 lakh from one IPL season. It would not be wrong to say that the earning of umpires in IPL is more than some of the cricketers sweating with bat and ball on the field.

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