Ireland vs New Zealand bowlers towel overturn a decision simi singh Blair Tickner | A very strange incident happened on the cricket field, a towel saved the batsman from getting out; Video

NZ vs IRE 2nd ODI: These days the New Zealand team is playing a series of 3 ODIs against Ireland. During the second match of the series played in Dublin on Tuesday, a very strange incident was seen, which is now being discussed continuously in the cricket world. Actually during the match, the bowler dismissed the batsman, the umpire also raised the finger and declared it out, but a towel saved the batsman from getting out.

This batsman got life

This incident happened during Ireland’s innings. New Zealand bowler Blair Tickner was bowling the 43rd over of Ireland’s innings and Simi Singh was on strike. The last ball of the over was taken outside by Tickner, who took the outer edge of the bat and reached directly into the hands of wicketkeeper Tom Latham. The umpire also declared Simi out. But during this Simi had some conversation with the umpire, for some time no one understood what was happening on the field. Then the umpire declared him not out.

A towel saved the wicket like this

When the umpire gave the reason for not giving New Zealand players not out, he was also surprised. Actually, the towel Tickner used to wipe the sweat after throwing the ball fell down while bowling. Due to which the umpire declared a dead ball and Simi Singh got life. Simi scored 16 runs in 25 balls in this match.

This is the law of dead ball

According to ICC Rule, the umpire can award a dead ball if the batsman standing on strike is distracted by any sound or other reason. Then whether the batsman’s attention is disturbed by an incident inside or outside the field. According to this rule, this decision of the umpire was absolutely correct. In this match, Ireland had scored 216 runs while batting first. In response, New Zealand achieved this target by losing 7 wickets.

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