Is this Apple product banned in airplanes or not? The airline gave this answer

Users of Apple AirTags were confused by a recent statement by German airline Lufthansa, where the company said that Lufthansa has banned Apple AirTags from being carried in luggage as the tracking device is classified as ‘dangerous’. comes However, a latest report says that Lufthansa has not banned Airtags, rather the airline has warned about the device. Lufthansa stated that according to ICAO guidelines, baggage trackers are ‘dangerous’ goods and their transmission function requires the trackers to be deactivated in the baggage during flight.

Recently a person asked Lufthansa on Twitter if there is a ban on carrying Apple AirTag in checked baggage, to which the answer is airline Said that Active AirTags fall in the ‘hazardous’ category, so the airline is restricting it and needs to be discontinued. However, now the company has clarified on this. Airways Magazine’s accordingthe company has clarified that it has not banned AirTags from its flights.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told the magazine that there are no restrictions on airtags. The company has also clarified that ICOA guidelines remain on such devices, but it has nothing to do with Lufthansa or any other airline.” Lufthansa had earlier said that ICOA (International Civil Aviation Organization) guidelines It is said that someone flight Items with transmission function should be deactivated during.

The guidelines ICOA has for electronic devices are mainly limited to devices with lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, the AirTag includes a CR2032 battery, which is also found in traditional watches.

Air Tag flight It is a useful device to track luggage during travel, as it is often seen that many times people’s luggage is either lost or exchanged with other passengers at the airport. In such a situation, the user can track his luggage.

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