Ishaan Kishan slaps Shubman Gill than Gujarat batter takes revenge own unique style know the truth of VIRAL video


Shubman Gill and Ishaan Kishan both are very good friends.
While playing for Team India, both share the same room.

New Delhi. Indian youth batsman Shubman Gill and Ishaan Kishan’s friendship is not hidden from anyone. While playing for Team India, both share the same room. Despite this, there is a lot of fighting and abusing between the two. In January this year, a video of the interview of Shubman Gill and Ishaan Kishan was shared by the BCCI. In this interview, both had told many things about each other. Now both the young batsmen are playing for different teams in IPL. Shubman Gill plays for Gujarat Titans and Ishaan Kishan plays for Mumbai Indians. Today, i.e. on April 25, there is a match between Gujarat and Mumbai, but before that a video of the fight between these two batsmen is going viral.

This video has been shared from the official Twitter handle of Mumbai Indians. In this video you can see that as soon as Shubman Gill comes inside the field, Ishaan Kishan slaps him on the cheek. After this, Shubman Gill pulls Ishaan Kishan’s hand towards him and brings him to him and slaps him on the head. After this, Ishaan Kishan again slaps Shubman Gill while caressing his head from behind. However, both keep laughing while doing this ‘fight’.

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Seeing this friendship of these two, the other players present there also cannot stop laughing. Whenever Ishaan Kishan and Shubman Gill are together, they have a lot of fun. He did the same once again before the match between Mumbai and Gujarat. The video of this fun of Shubman Gill and Ishaan Kishan is becoming fiercely viral on social media, on which fans are also commenting a lot.

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